Broken Smart Phone, Tablet, Smart Watch or Computer?

We will return your device fast and fixed. Fone World’s average repair time is just 45 minutes.  So you might even wait while we work.

Slice your payment in 3 - zero interest. Book online and ask in-store.

A Damaged Phone Doesn't Mean Damage To Your Business

If you use your phone for business purposes and you need any repairs done quickly. Fone World phone and device repair service in Woking is the fastest in the town.

Our Phone Repair Services

Cracked Screen

A damaged screen not only looks bad but also reduces your phone’s performance. Fone World Woking can repair or replace your phone’s screen, having it looking great and operating perfectly once again.

Water Damage

Your phone can suffer water damage for various reasons. Spraying or immersion in water can damage your device. Regardless of how it happens, Fone World will repair your water-damaged phone or device quickly.

Damaged Speaker

Your device will be less useful if your speakers are damaged. Whatever has caused your phone’s audio damage, we can fix it fast. In many cases, we will get your repaired phone back to you in around 45 minutes.

Signal Issues

Moving around to get a good signal on your phone can be incredibly annoying. Many times, your phone’s antenna could be damaged. We will assess your phone free of charge, then provide you with a quote.

Malfunctioned Buttons

Damaged buttons or keypads can have catastrophic effects on your phone.  Fone Worls team in Woking can fix this issue fast. If you have any issues with your phone’s keypad or buttons contact us now and get your phone fixed.

Dead Battery

Continuously having to charge your phone can be incredibly frustrating. Batteries can lose their efficiency or run out if they become damaged or reach their natural end of life. Fone World can resolve your phone battery in 45 minutes.

Why Choose Us?

Superior Warranty

Stronger than any phone case, Fone World offers the most reliable warranty on the market.

Low Price Guarantee

Repairing beats replacing, and iCrack beats all other phone repair companies.

Same Day Repairs

When your phone breaks, you don’t want it fixed tomorrow—you need it fixed today.

Quality parts

We provide approved and great quality great quality used and new phone parts.

Fix it Fast with us

Our prices for phone repairs are competitive with anyone in the city. We repair cracked screens for all models of iphone, Samsung, Huawei, Motorola, LG and many more. We also repair broken side buttons, speakers, front and rear camera as well. Cracked screen on your new phone? We fix that as well.

Customer Reviews

Cyrus Dar

Would highly recommend. Very quick and professional. Repairs to my phone were made within an hour but Asif went above and beyond to help diagnose another totally unrelated issue for me. Great people and service – felt really well looked after and my phone is now as good as new!

Ben the Dinosaur

My son managed to smash his iPhone the evening before we went on holiday. Tahir was super helpful, mending it with 20 minutes of opening time, when we thought we would have to do without it on holiday. Fabulous service.

Megan Henderson

Would highly recommend! Very quick and professional. Tahir fitted my new screen perfectly and even gave me a small discount when I brought a screen protector! Very reliable and friendly!


Exceptional quality of service. The guys have a very huge sense of urgency. You apt when it is fixed, what more can you ask for. Thank you very much!!